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About us

Grow your sales and get an all-around better look in the online with SALEFOOD

- Own app in The GooglePlay and AppStore
- Admin Panel
- Reports regarding sales, customers and stocks
- Online Marketing

Easy. Fast. Professional

SALEFOOD is what your business needs to grow up to the next level, the online.

In a few easy steps, your new app can be up on the GooglePlay and in the AppStore:

1. Give us some info about you

2. Choose your app's look

3. Choose your pricing package

4. Give us some time to put it all together

100% Customizable

We offer the app structure and the full functionality while the design is your choice

Full compatibility with all your devices

Wherever you are, you have full acces to all of the benefits

What to expect if you choose us:

1. The App

  • The clients

    The clients can log into the app once they make an account

  • Favourites

    Once logged in, the clients can create a list of favourite items

  • Orders

    The clients can order for delivery, reserve in store, or book a table.

  • Configurator

    If your business has this option, the clients can create their own product (e.g. Pizza, Burges, Shakes)

  • Menu

    The clients can browse your menu and sort out the products by vast criteria

  • Review

    The clients can review the products

2. Control Pannel acces

A subdomain ( will be created, and from there you'll be able to:

  • Send notifications

    You'll be able to send notifications to the users regarding new offers and stuff

  • Modify the menu

    You'll be able to add new products, edit old ones, or even delete them from your offer

  • Stay informed

    You'll be able to read and sort the comments

  • View reports

    You'll be able to view reports and statistics regardin sales

  • Order management

    You'll be able to manage the orders received through the app

  • Tables management

    You'll be able to manage the table booking in your restaurant

What you need to know...

  • Menu: we will need the restaurant's menu in order to add the products into the database, a PDF file would be best.

  • Pictures: we will need pictures of the restaurant's specific products.

    • This includes 'handmade' products like pizza, burgers, shakes.
    • This does not include alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages with standard photo, e.g. Coca-Cola products.
    • Photos would be best on a unicolour background like here.